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2002 Hyrology of Large River Basins: Central and Southern Africa 335-376
Klock, H.; Kulls, C.; Udluft, P. 1 Quantification of Groundwater Recharge-Estimating recharge values using hydrochemical and geological data: A case study from the semiarid Kalahari catchment of northern Namibia 2001 IAHS Publications-Series of Proceedings and Reports-Intern Assoc Hydrological Sciences 269 25-32
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Hamutoko, J.T.; Mapani, B.S.; Ellmies, R.; Bittner, A.; Kuells, C. A fingerprinting method for the identification of uranium sources in alluvial aquifers: An example from the Khan and Swakop Rivers, Namibia 2014 Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C 72 34-42
O'Loughlin, F.E.; Neal, J.; Schumann, G.J.P.; Beighley, E.; Bates, P.D. A LISFLOOD-FP hydraulic model of the middle reach of the Congo 2020 Journal of Hydrology 580 124203