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Külls, C. Groundwater of the North-Western Kalahari, Namibia: estimation of recharge and quantification of the flow system 2001 Hydrogeologie und Umwelt
Krüger, N.; Külls, C.; Bruggeman, A.; Eliades, M.; Christophi, C.; Rigas, M.; Eracleous, T. Groundwater recharge estimates with soil isotope profiles-is there a bias on coarse-grained hillslopes? 2020 EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts 9840
Külls, C.; Schwarz, O. Grundwasseranreicherung in den Waldbeständen der Teninger Allmend bei Freiburg im Breisgau 2000 Beiträge zur Physischen Geographie 67 - 78
Gaj, M.; Beyer, M.; Hamutoko, J.; Uugulu, S.; Wanke, H.; Koeniger, P.; Külls, C.; Lohe, C.; Himmelsbach, T. How do soil types affect stable isotope ratios of 2H and 18O under evaporation: A Fingerprint of the Niipele subbasin of the Cuvelai-Etosha basin, Namibia 2014 EGU Geophysical Abstracts 5890
Christofi, C.; Bruggeman, A.; Külls, C.; Constantinou, C. Hydrochemical evolution of groundwater in gabbro of the Troodos Fractured Aquifer. A comprehensive approach 2020 Applied Geochemistry 114 104524