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Joseph, J.; Külls, C. Calibration of 13C and 18O measurements in CO2 using Off-axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectrometer (ICOS) 2014 EGU Geophysical Abstracts 659
Külls, C.; Leibundgut, C.; Schwarz, U.; Schick, A.P. Channel infiltration study using dye tracers 1995 IAHS Publications-Series of Proceedings and Reports-Intern Assoc Hydrological Sciences 232 429-436
Zagana, E.; Obeidat, M.; Külls, C.; Udluft, P. Chloride, hydrochemical and isotope methods of groundwater recharge estimation in eastern Mediterranean areas: a case study in Jordan 2007 Hydrological Processes: An International Journal 21 2112-2123
Davila, P.; Külls, C. Combined application of 85-Kr, 39-Ar with CFCs in contaminated aquifers 2009 EGU Geophysical Abstracts 1074
Külls, C. Demonstration des Potentials der Nitrat-Isotopenanalytik für die Strategieentwicklung der Sanierung Nitrat-belasteter Brunnen 2004 Umweltbundesamt