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Mahindawansha, A.; Külls, C.; Kraft, P.; Breuer, L. Estimating water flux and evaporation losses using stable isotopes of soil water from irrigated agricultural crops in tropical humid regions 2019 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions 2019 1-28
Durand, M.A.  T.; Wei, R. What Controls Runoff Ratios in the Congo Basin? 2014 AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2014 52
Grodek, T.; Enzel, Y.; Morin, E.; Jacoby, Y.; Dahan, O.; Benito, G.; Külls, C.; Geller, A.; Van Langenhove, G.; Seely, M. Flood hydrology, flood routing, paleohydrology and the estimation of water resources along the shallow alluvial aquifers of the Kuiseb River, Namibia 2008 Abstracts-Israel Geological Society 2008 37
Ndehedehe, C.E.; Anyah, R.O.; Alsdorf, D.; Agutu, N.O.; Ferreira, V.G. Modelling the impacts of global multi-scale climatic drivers on hydro-climatic extremes (1901-2014) over the Congo basin 2019 Science of The Total Environment 651 1569-1587
O'Loughlin, F.E.; Neal, J.; Schumann, G.J.P.; Beighley, E.; Bates, P.D. A LISFLOOD-FP hydraulic model of the middle reach of the Congo 2020 Journal of Hydrology 580 124203