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Guo, Q.; Zhou, Z.; Wang, S. The Source, Flow Rates, and Hydrochemical Evolution of Groundwater in an Alluvial Fan of Qilian Mountain, Northwest China 2017 Water 9
Adolph, G.; Külls, C.; Willscheid, A. Determination and validation of age structures as an improved measure of hydrological dynamics 2007 Geophysical Research Abstracts 9
Külls, C. Large basins as isotopic monitors of hydrologic response in arid zones 2007 Geophysical Research Abstracts 9 10811
Külls, C. Interaction between riparian phreatophytes, alluvial aquifers and channel processes 2007 Geophysical Research Abstracts 9 10850
Wang, X.; Qiao, W.; Chen, J.; Liu, X.; Yang, F. Understanding the Burial and Migration Characteristics of Deep Geothermal Water Using Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Inorganic Carbon Isotopes 2018 Water 10