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Ardelt, G.; Kuells, C.; Hellbrueck, H. Towards Intrinsic Molecular Communication Using Isotopic Isomerism 2018 Open Journal of Internet Of Things (OJIOT) 4 135-143
Avery, E.; Bibby, R.; Visser, A.; Esser, B.; Moran, J. Quantification of Groundwater Discharge in a Subalpine Stream Using Radon-222 2018 Water 10
Khayyun, T.S. Simulation of Groundwater Flow and Migration of the Radioactive Cobalt-60 from LAMA Nuclear Facility-Iraq 2018 Water 10
Meng, Z.; Yang, Y.; Qin, Z.; Huang, L. Evaluating Temporal and Spatial Variation in Nitrogen Sources along the Lower Reach of Fenhe River (Shanxi Province, China) Using Stable Isotope and Hydrochemical Tracers 2018 Water 10
Peters, E.; Visser, A.; Esser, B.K.; Moran, J.E. Tracers Reveal Recharge Elevations, Groundwater Flow Paths and Travel Times on Mount Shasta, California 2018 Water 10