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Külls, C. Demonstration des Potentials der Nitrat-Isotopenanalytik für die Strategieentwicklung der Sanierung Nitrat-belasteter Brunnen 2004 Umweltbundesamt
Krüger, N.; Külls, C.; Bruggeman, A.; Eliades, M.; Christophi, C.; Rigas, M.; Eracleous, T. Groundwater recharge estimates with soil isotope profiles-is there a bias on coarse-grained hillslopes? 2020 EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts 9840
Klock, H.; Külls, C.; Udluft, P. Estimation of relative recharge values for the northern Kalahari catchment, Namibia 2000 Journal of African Earth Sciences 30 47-48
Klock, H.; Külls, C.; Udluft, P. Quantification of Groundwater Recharge-Estimating recharge values using hydrochemical and geological data: A case study from the semiarid Kalahari catchment of northern Namibia 2001 IAHS Publications-Series of Proceedings and Reports-Intern Assoc Hydrological Sciences 269 25-32
Klock, H.; Külls, C.; Udluft, P. Estimating recharge values using hydrochemical and geological data: a case study from the 2001 Impact of Human Activity on Groundwater Dynamics: Proceedings of an International Symposium (Symposium S3) Held During the Sixth Scientific Assembly of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) at Maastricht, The Netherlands, from 18 t 25
Klaus, J.; Zehe, E.; Elsner, M.; Külls, C.; McDonnell, J.J. Macropore flow of old water revisited: experimental insights from a tile-drained hillslope 2013 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 17 103
Klaus, J.; Külls, C.; Dahan, O. Evaluating the recharge mechanism of the Lower Kuiseb Dune area using mixing cell modeling and residence time data 2008 Journal of Hydrology 358 304-316
Klaus, J.; Külls, C. Integrating residence time data in mixing cell modeling-Application to the Lower Kuiseb Dune area 2009 EGU Geophysical Abstracts 11026
Joseph, J.; Külls, C.; Arend, M.; Schaub, M.; Hagedorn, F.; Gessler, A.; Weiler, M. Application of a laser-based spectrometer for continuous in situ measurements of stable isotopes of soil CO2 in calcareous and acidic soils 2019 Soil 5 49-62
Joseph, J.; Külls, C. Calibration of 13C and 18O measurements in CO2 using Off-axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectrometer (ICOS) 2014 EGU Geophysical Abstracts 659