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Döll, P.; Krol, M.; Fuhr, D.; Gaiser, T.; Herfort, J.; Höynck, S.; Jaeger, A.; Külls, C.; Mendiondo, E.M.; Printz, A.; others Integrated scenarios of regional development in Ceará and Piauí 2003 Global Change and Regional Impacts 19-41
Voerkelius, S.; Külls, C.; Santiago, M.M.F.; Frischkorn, H.; dos Santos Semrau, L.A.; Heinrichs, G.; Gil, M.M.L. Investigations on water management and water quality in Picos/PI and Tauá/CE 2003 Global change and regional impacts 173-184
Edmunds, W.M.; Shand, P.; Hart, P.; Ward, R.S. The natural (baseline) quality of groundwater: a UK pilot study 2003 Science of The Total Environment 310 25-35