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Priestley, S.C.; Payne, T.E.; Harrison, J.J.; Post, V.E.A.; Shand, P.; Love, A.J.; Wohling, D.L. Use of U-isotopes in exploring groundwater flow and inter-aquifer leakage in the south-western margin of the Great Artesian Basin and Arckaringa Basin, central Australia 2018 Applied Geochemistry 98 331-344
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Androvitsanea, A.; Fawzy, M.; Fuchs, J.; Külls, C.; Fahlbusch, H.; Heiden, J. Hydrologische Bedingungen im Heraion von Samos vom 12. bis 8. Jh. v. Chr. und ihre Bedeutung für die wasserbauliche Infrastruktur 2018 Environmental Water Engineering 1 1-21
Remmington, G. Transforming tradition: The aflaj and changing role of traditional knowledge systems for collective water management 2018 Journal of Arid Environments 151 134-140
Nijsten, G.-J.; Christelis, G.; Villholth, K.G.; Braune, E.; Gaye, C.B. Transboundary aquifers of Africa: Review of the current state of knowledge and progress towards sustainable development and management 2018 Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 20 21-34
Burchi, S. Legal frameworks for the governance of international transboundary aquifers: Pre- and post-ISARM experience 2018 Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 20 15-20
Ardelt, G.; Külls, C.; Hellbrück, H. Towards intrinsic molecular communication using isotopic isomerism 2018 Open Journal of Internet Of Things (OJIOT) 4 135-143
Röttcher, K. 2018 Risikomanagement und Nachhaltigkeit in der Wasserwirtschaft: Erfolgreiche Navigation durch die Komplexität und Dynamik des Risikos 165-174
Li, X.; Shen, K.; Li, Q.; Deng, Y.; Zhu, P.; Wang, D. Roll-over behavior in current-voltage curve introduced by an energy barrier at the front contact in thin film CdTe solar cell 2018 Solar Energy 165 27-34