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Robin, V.; Beaufort, D.; Tertre, E.; Reinholdt, M.; Fromaget, M.; Forestier, S.; Boissezon, H. de; Descostes, M. Fate of dioctahedral smectites in uranium roll front deposits exploited by acidic In Situ Recovery (ISR) solutions 2020 Applied Clay Science 187 105484
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Christofi, C.; Bruggeman, A.; Külls, C.; Constantinou, C. Isotope hydrology and hydrogeochemical modeling of Troodos Fractured Aquifer, Cyprus: The development of hydrogeological descriptions of observed water types 2020 Applied Geochemistry 123 104780
Gardiner, J.; Thomas, R.B.; Phan, T.T.; Stuckman, M.; Wang, J.; Small, M.; Lopano, C.; Hakala, J.A. Utilization of produced water baseline as a groundwater monitoring tool at a CO2-EOR site in the Permian Basin, Texas, USA 2020 Applied Geochemistry 121 104688
Lartigue, J.E.; Charrasse, B.; Reile, B.; Descostes, M. Aqueous inorganic uranium speciation in European stream waters from the FOREGS dataset using geochemical modelling and determination of a U bioavailability baseline 2020 Chemosphere 251 126302
Jin, Z.; Külls, C. FDM based OA-ICOS for high accuracy 13C quantification in gaseous CO2 2020 Earth and Environmental Science 446 032061
Krüger, N.; Külls, C.; Bruggeman, A.; Eliades, M.; Christophi, C.; Rigas, M.; Eracleous, T. Groundwater recharge estimates with soil isotope profiles-is there a bias on coarse-grained hillslopes? 2020 EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts 9840
Tziritis, E.; Aschonitis, V.; Balacco, G.; Daras, P.; Doulgeris, C.; Fidelibus, M.D.; Gaubi, E.; Gueddari, M.; Güler, C.; Hamzaoui, F.; others MEDSAL Project-Salinization of critical groundwater reserves in coastal Mediterranean areas: Identification, risk assessment and sustainable management with the use of integrated modelling and smart ICT tools 2020 EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts 2326
Doulgeris, C.; Tziritis, E.; Pisinaras, V.; Panagopoulos, A.; Külls, C. Prediction of seawater intrusion to coastal aquifers based on non-dimensional diagrams 2020 EGU Geophysical Abstracts 4073
Sahoo, S.K.; Jha, V.N.; Patra, A.C.; Jha, S.K.; Kulkarni, M.S. Scientific background and methodology adopted on derivation of regulatory limit for uranium in drinking water – A global perspective 2020 Environmental Advances 2 100020